Create your Website in Minutes With Zivro

Create your Website in Minutes With Zivro, Make your Web by just entering your Information, Absolutely No Technical or Design Skills required, It's 2016 Time for Your Data Driven Web

Create your Dynamic, Data Driven, Mobile Optimized, Cloud Hosted Website
in minutes for Free

Zivro is a data driven intelligent platform where your website automatically builds itself with just the information you provide. Getting started is very simple and your web continually evolves with you / your business, capable of handling a life time of data. Changes are easy. Your web can get an absolute fresh look with just a single click. Administering your web is as easy as working on your favourite social network. You can create your web in minutes with zero tech or design skills. Put us to test, It just takes 3 minutes.

Personal Webs

Personal Portfolios / Profile CV Websites / Project Websites Blog Websites

Business Sites

Lawyers / Architects / Doctors /Interior Designers / Civil contractors /Services /Small Businesses /Agencies

Steps for your Web

Pick a Url

Get your Identifier for your Zivro Website (eg. Integrating your custom domain can be done at any time.

Setup your Profile

Profile Information includes your name / your business information.

Choose your Design

Browse our evergrowing stunning reponsive templates, pick one of your choice.

Add Pages and Publish

Add Pages for your Site (About, Services, Blogs ...) and bring all your information on to your site. Go live in one click.