Not just a website, it is a proven system to simplify your Business process by taking it step ahead.


Builds authority of your Business

Whether you run a Business, a restaurant, all that matters is its recognition and authority at the end of the day to earn a higher income.

Connects you with more customers

If your Business/menu details are online, it becomes easier for your customers to make choices. More customers result in better Business.

Lead Capture that quickly notifies you

Get instant SMS alerts and email notifications on every lead captured through your website. Measuring results is an easy go.

Going Online is now Easy & Affordable

Even without any Technical & Design skills
Your online presence can be made to look exactly the way you want instantly. Your very own dynamic website automatically builds itself with just the information you provide.

Best technology goes into every design

With Plenty of them to choose from
Website created using zivro speaks for your business. Hence, we offer you plenty of designers made web/mobile designs to choose from to let you give fresh looks to your business.

Manage Business yourself effortlessly

Intuitive dashboard that lets you manage site.
With Zivro, you don’t build just a website, you build a Business that performs. We Provide you with all that is needed under one roof for hassle free management.

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