Your sales depend on how well you satisfy your customers. Not just that, many factors influences your customers to buy from you. Zivro has a list for you to take a look at:

1. Be Trustworthy
Have a good online reputation & Authenticity. Have good content written about you for this can improve your trustworthiness from your customers point of view.

2. Offer the Best price available- Create a WIN-WIN situation.

Offer reasonable prices to your customers for the services/products you offer. Let they save some money while you gain many customers.

3. Put Good Customer reviews front
Having more reviews persuades visitors to buy your product/services. Many people take online reviews as personal recommendations which make you reach the top early.

4. Have Good images of your products
Showcase high-quality visuals of your products. Most of the times, the image would be the standalone decisive factor for your customers to buy the product in the image.

5. Your website shouldn’t take much time to load
Customer will abandon the sites if this happens. They seriously lack patience.

6. Great Looking website
Visual Searches should be seamless giving great user experience for the personal viewing it.

7. No support
Careful! You need to be there anytime, when they need you, or else they will not be there when you need them. Have good customer support system, reply to their concerns.

8. Ease of use
Keep it simple and clear for them to buy. Don’t make it look complex.

9. Offer Exciting discount offers
Gifts and surprises are loved by people especially beautiful ladies out there. Surprise your loyal customers with lucky vouchers, engage with them.

10. Keep giving new things
Run Out-of-season sales. It increases their interest in you.

So all these are possible on a single platform which allows you to create a dynamic online store so that you can always have a good time with your customers!