This article is aimed at those of you who are stuck in your decision of choosing the right platform to create websites for their business.

The perfect website should cater to the following criteria:

  • Ease of Customization:
    Good: Making customizations to the content of the website should be easy for a business professional to do, there should not be any intervention of web developer having no knowledge of business to spoil the game.

    Bad: Sites that just delivers the information and that can’t be updated by someone having shallow or no technical knowledge. It is useless to have a static site because content can get stagnant over time.

  • Cost:
    Good: You should get what you pay for.

    Bad: Believing unrealistic price, falling for the business trap and getting into complicated locked in is dangerous. If you need a  technically sound person to make any sort of simple changes to your static website, It is costlier in the long run, especially if you keep updating it frequently.

  • Chances of people finding you online
    Good: Sites should be optimized for google searches. When more and more new content is added to the site, it should bring people to the site and help their ranking in the search engines. Hence your business becomes visible to a lot of customers, lot of customers leads to higher sales and results in your business growth.

    Bad: If you have a static website, it becomes relatively difficult for you to update it. Lack of new contents results in poor ranking on search engines and ultimately affect your business.

  • Should go hand in hand with business
    Good: Should evolve with your business.  As you progress in your business, your website expands to embrace all the additions seamlessly handling lifetime data of your business.

    Bad: Progress made with the website which is very obvious is difficult to be handled by a static site which can take considerable time, effort and cost for making additions.

  • User experience
    Good: Dynamic websites can make the most of your site and can be used as an effective marketing tool. It is highly optimized for a good user experience. Better experience your customers get, better your business will do.

    Bad: Static site displays exact same information whenever anyone visits it, which leads to an utterly poor user experience.


To cater all the above conditions, the sound choice would be among the existing competition.

ZIVRO is simply the most accessible platform for dynamic, customizable, scalable websites–for any type of user or business. However, I have not considered it for comparison.

ZIVRO would be a great option for Businesses to experiment themselves with it during the initial phase of their business.

Agreeable reasons to choose ZIVRO:

  • You get to create a Dynamic site which loads fast, the design that looks good and feels native on any of your customer’s device is sure enough to kick start your online presence.

  • It lets you focus on your business while taking complete control of your online presence automatically without the need for a team to manage it.

  • Great store front can be created in nearly 30 seconds and you can start selling online instantly.

  • Every tool needed to maintain your reputation online and shopping cart feature you may need as you start to grow your online store is available in this single platform.

  • Your business will reach every corner of the world with very less time & money.

  • Customers coming from any devices will not have any kind of accessibility frustrations. Your website looks neat and clean on any device.

Finally, Social media integrated sites that allow you share your website content to your social media profile to attract, engage and convert your followers. Hence it acts as a Prominent advertising channel.

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