Being Influential is one of the symptoms of how you feel about yourself. Better you feel about yourself, better influencer you become. If you cannot trust yourself, you will fail to gain trust from others as well.

You gotta create that personal brand that people can trust.

But, being influential is not just the matter of being trusted. It’s the readiness of people to do business with you. If you can get more people say “YES” to what you have got to offer, that indicates how influential you are. But, what’s really important is how do you get your name out there. How are looked upon by your peers? How good you’re at leading people.

One of the best ways is to voice your opinions out online, reaching millions out there. Showcase what you’ve gained through your years of your experience. The degree of uniqueness in you.

How well you can express yourself and follow what you stand for. Being transparent in every single move.

All about being talked about. Being found online. Building your authority in the society. Giving opinions where it matters. Well, that really resonates with me and most of the people living so far in this digital dependant world.

Over the years of observing things, I’ve come to realize that to be a role model you got to be famous, get into the network with people. When you meet more people, that’s where you get connected with them building a huge network. Huge network happens online which is very obvious.  

Well at the end, it’s all about networking that can get you better opportunities and helping hands. Having that network creates this power of influential.

If you want to dominate your industry, engage more with people and introduce yourself as a solution to them. Lead by example. When you make people feel that you did them a service they will be inclined to reciprocate.

This is exactly how every profitable business runs by. This is how every leader is made. This is how one can do a better business. This is how a successful entrepreneur in you is born.

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