The best strategy for any business is to gain customers to satisfy the existing ones. Customer will remember your name only if you remember theirs. Luckily, creating goodwill with customers need not be expensive if you have a website.

  • Enable self-service documentation on your website wherever possible.
    You may not be able to cater to each and every customer of yours individually. Instead, you can enable help texts, instructions on your website where it matters. This way your customers will not be frustrated due to lack of instructions given to them. They will be happy if they are directed well.

  • The customer wants “FAST” service along with “GOOD” service. Make sure you’re easy to contact.
    Your customers lack patience and you’re not supposed to. If they get what they want fast enough, you will get what you want in near future. MORE CUSTOMERS!!!.

  • Make them happy with surprising offers before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale too.
    Because, if you don’t take good care of your customers, somebody else will. After all, good service does make a huge difference.

  • Give your customers early access to sales and promotions through your site.
    Your loyal customers get you repeated sale that counts, he will continually buy from you. Make customers rather than making sales.

  • Ask your happy customers for feedback and display it on your website.
    Many people deeply believe in the testimony given by other customers and take it as a personal recommendation. If you could win in this competitive battleground, you’re the emperor.

  • Provide them with your brand stories to connect to them.
    Your website is the only way for your customer to get connected to you. Make it less mechanical and more humanly. Narrate your business story. Talk more about how you evolved.

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