Attention Business owners!! Are you losing sleep at night, because you can’t keep customers coming through your door to make your earnings easy? Are you spending tons of money on advertising method that no longer work? Even though they cost a lot, the results are disappointing, to say the least. A website can help you turn things around.

The main purpose of having a website is to convert visitors into customers. Better your website is more visitors are converted. Maybe you’re thinking about having your first one made or you just need a new, better one.

But there are tons of other portals and platforms fulfilling your business needs and where you’ll be able to sell with ease. Then why should you have your own website?


Other platforms like facebook, amazon and many others set up their own rules and regulations which you can’t control and act like middlemen who can take a cut in your earnings. Meaning you don’t set the rules. When these platforms change the game on you, you’re screwed. It’s like building your home at someone else place, you’re at their mercy. You don’t get anything of the customer data. You can’t follow up and repeat business with the most loyal customers when you can’t stay in touch with them...

The only place you can control is your own platform ie your own website. And this is the place where you can point your customers to and this helps people have a better brand perception of you.


So, do not be short sighted!!! Build your own platform and create your own website where you can point people to.

That is where we come in and here is what you can expect from us.

With ZIVRO, you can create your online store exactly the way you want.. We know that you’re looking for more than just a website. We provide you a business tool that allows you to sell your services and products professionally.

We help convert your visitors into customers that we have done for countless other clients.

We do make sure that your customers come in and enjoy their visit.

Don’t delay any longer!! Clocks ticking.

At the end, we provide you a  website that you’re proud of and excited to share with your customers. All because Being online matters