According to me the best product to be sold online is Handicraft which also has lower competition comparatively.

Handicrafts profession is sustainable livelihood in India which reinvents traditional skills.

The Handicrafts sector is a home-based industry, which requires minimum expenditure, infrastructure or training to set up.

It uses existing skills and locally available materials, because of this it requires minimum funding to start.

The present day handicraft tradition of India is a perfect example of assimilation between the traditional designs and modern techniques.And also Facts That Prove India?s Arts & Handicrafts Are Freaking Incredible.

Moreover, learning some new homemade crafts and creative hobbies has been both satisfying and exciting. Many of these crafts have made wonderful homemade gifts for friends and family and they a bundle as well! Design, Skill and Financial Inputs? Most Indian crafts are still being made the same way they were hundreds of years before.

The demand for decorative items such as traditional wall hangings, silver cutlery, brass pots, embellished wooden sculptures, marble and wood inlay work, silk carpets, wrought iron furniture and decorative pieces, traditional paintings, enamelled furniture, stone and wood carvings, metal, wood and stone sculptures etc is also on the rise in India and abroad.

The popularity of these handicraft products is increasing in the domestic markets due to the increasing demand for traditional essence.

The British Museum has around 1000 South Indian paintings which date back to the 17th century.

If you have an independent spirit, a passion for all things handmade and an eagerness to build a business around something you love. Creating first-rate handmade treasures is just the beginning of your journey

While Indian malls and online shopping sites are full of branded products imported from various countries, there is a glaring absence of branded Indian Craft products.

This will be a business opportunity perhaps for corporate India looking for socially responsible business opportunities.

If you're one of the growing numbers of people who are looking to earn a lot of cash from selling your handmade crafts online, it?s the right time I suppose.

But, the main reasons that people buy design or crafts products online instead of major retailers is the personal connection with you. So make sure that your communication with them is personal and friendly.

This is where your own amazing website plays a major role. It might be a good idea to have more than one online shop, just research what works best for you!

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