Recent research showed that
- 55% of businesses do not have a website of their own yet.
- 80% of people search online for product/services they’re interested in.
And report clearly say that
- 60% of customers will opt your competitors if you are not found online.

Even after looking at these stats, you might still have few excuses for not having a website. Some of them are:

1. I’m already doing good without one
Great!! But be ready to face the consequences too

  • 90% sharp rise in online transactions this year.

  • 95% of youths trust businesses that are online.

2. None of my competitors are online

  • Great!!! Now’s the right time for you to sneak in before others become pioneers.

  • 99% of global customers research about your business online before
    they buy from you.

  • And the best part is, your potential customers are easy to reach by internet connected phone.


3. It’s expensive

  • You better stop assuming, because websites are no more expensive
    after the birth of ZIVRO.

  • You can get online within next 30 sec with an amazing website without breaking your bank.


4. I already have enough customers

  • You may have now, but things gonna change a lot in near future because 90 % of customers are looking online for stuff they want to buy

  • If you don’t make it easy for them to buy from you, you’re gonna repent for sure.


5. I use Social Media Instead

  • Amazing!! But, that’s just a part of it.

  • You have no authority over it.

  • You just engage your customer, But, how do you capture leads.

  • Business with a website gets 80% more customers than the one without.

5. No Time For it

  • Well, it doesn’t take much time to manage.

  • And if you really don’t have any, there are companies that manage your complete online presence too

  • If you have no time to make an online presence.In near future, your customers won’t have time for you too.

“Make an Action before you lose out your customers”

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