The most satisfactory part of being an Architect is the innate sense of fulfilment and joy u get when u see your design take a physical for and the frustrating part is the never ending job hours, low pay and initial years of struggle trying to make your name in the society. Isn't it???

But, did you ever know that World Wide Web has brought with it many things: the ability to travel, to recognise familiarity in any city, and, most importantly for us, to create trans-continental opportunity and has created a platform for young professionals that no other generation has been fortunate enough to encounter at this scale.

  • If you want to be a Global architect, to chase the award-winning projects, to work side by side with inspiring people, to learn from them and be amongst those at the top of their game, you have to be proactive and seek these people out, in essence, you have to be willing to go with the trend. You should

Never miss the mind blowing opportunity the web offers you to ease your effort because first, you build your website. Next, it starts building your career.

So, if you want to be a world famous Architect, but hesitant to be online.. Why not trying this out??

Step1: Graduate from a great college.

Step2: Go on to a top architecture school.

Step3: Intern with a large and prestigious firm.

Step4: Graduate and get hired at a top firm, perhaps one you interned at.

Step5: Work on high profile projects. Distinguish yourself. Become licensed. Make deep pocket contacts.

Step6: When you have access to funding, leave and start your own company. Win awards. Establish your own high profile. Go after and win prestigious commissions. Kick the big firms' asses a few times. Or a lot. But stay friends

Step7: Eventually, either grow big (very hard) or sell your company back to a top firm in exchange for a seat at the table.

Step8: Now you can work on the really unique, large projects that make architects famous: museums, opera houses, legislatures, corporate headquarters, hotels, center-piece buildings in major cities, unique residences if that interests you.

I suppose you would start by becoming an architect. Then, probably, this is the best way and you would work on becoming a better architect. Eventually, you might become a very good architect, but you would probably not be famous.

Sounds scary?? then, why not go with the smart market trend

There might be countless ways of running great practices and exposing your experience as a Star-chitect will depend a great deal on the size of the practice and the type of work and clients you work with.

But, does it really worth the wait?? Does it guarantee the end result.??

Let me give you few notes on becoming a famous architect with less effort and more brains on contrary to the previously stated route.

Create your own WEB

  1. Having a diversified portfolio is unequivocally a good thing.
  2. Make your Web alive, and let it work for you. As long as your website is totally alive anything is possible. But, always Lower your expectations at the very beginning. 99.99% of success took TIME.
  3. Have your skills embedded in your website that speaks the experience you had on your projects from different regions.That?s a great thing. Isn't it??
  4. Your website up running means that your networks are yet to be increased in all aspects, your web presence larger, with more expendable influence at reach.

Let me explain in details:

The Web is ubiquitous, and budding Architects know this better than anyone.

The question is: Are we harnessing its full potential? We can now make the internet work for us more powerfully than ever, and the overriding goals are grouped into five broad categories:

  • Self promotion
  • In-house efficiency
  • Research and resources
  • Transparency and trust
  • Education and inspiration

1. You can Sell yourself to any extent with your website alone: Viral marketing

Good for: Self promotion; Transparency and trust; Education and Inspiration.

2. Just Make sure that your viewpoint is properly portrayed in your website and leave the rest to it : Public relations

Good for: Transparency and trust.

3. Works well for effective communications with the prospective clients

Good for: Research and resources; In-house efficiency.

4. Perfectly showcase your previous projects.

Good for: Research and resources; In-house efficiency; Education and inspiration.

5. Collaborate like a pro: Building Marketing model.

Good for: In-house efficiency.

6. You can shout to the world about your achievements: Articles and interviews

Good for: Self promotion; Transparency and trust; Education and inspiration.

Being a Global architect makes us better designers, better thinkers; our eyes are opened.

Each positive interaction with a client or prospect builds trust and committment.

Effectively using your Architecture website

A website is a great place to promote interaction with your prospective clients. Here are few tips to keep your web that gets you GLOBAL recognition alive.

(If at all you hire someone to build you a website, make sure he/she does following things does not go unattended.If you want a full fledged website then check out Zivro - Create Website.)

  • Bring visitors to your website. Do not have a dead website.

Use social media outreach, search engine optimisation (SEO), and advertising. Keep up your local person-to-person networking.

  • Add user- centric content to your website focused on fulfilling the needs of your prospects.

This is done through blog posts, articles, white-papers and webinars that are hosted on your website.

For example, write a blog post about ?local building costs? or ?how to select the right contractor?. Your portfolio section remains. However, focus is shifted to client-centric content.

  • Provide a call to action that gets your prospect to interact with you and your website.

Provide an email newsletter sign-up form, a blog comments section, or a link to your social media profiles. This is the critical step of engagement.

  • Add social proof- because they are ?weapons of persuasion and influence?.

If your prospects can see that others have had success with you, they will feel more confident about doing the same.

  • Client Testimonial: If you already have client testimonials as part of your marketing literature it will be easy to turn them into text for your website.

Adding video testimonials to your website is a powerful way for people to get to know, like and trust you more.

You should certainly get client testimonials at the end of every successful project.

  • One way to capture the information of interested prospects that visit your site is to add a form where prospects can request educational content like a free report or project planner. This gives your prospects a less intimidating option to interact with you if they are not ready to talk with you about their project yet. After you get a prospect?s email address, you should put it into your email follow up system.
  • And while a website shouldn?t be your only selling tool, it can be a powerful arrow in your architect marketing quiver.

So what do you think, having a website is worth it??? But have no idea where to start? How about a chat???

Let me give you a glance of some of the details about our company which is an excellent platform to start any kind of website (visit Zivro - Create Website for more information.)

Zivro helps you start selling yourself online, showcase your achievements and communicate with your prospective clients in a thoughtful and meaningful way.