What I do in life and what I do for money need not be the same.

I may be a software engineer, at the same time I also get involved in social service activities. I enjoy both the roles equally. I code, develop applications, at the same time I give opinions on the social issues I care about and treat it as my responsibility.


It was not easy for me to manage both these interests offline. It quite simpler for me to put all my accomplishment on my website. My latest innovations get updated on my tech page, and my social concerns go into my personal page that I had created for it. My website which was my online identity serves as one centralized account for both these activities.

Right after my internship, I had to face my first interview. Well, Nothing was too hard for me since I had my own website which grew with my experience. Everything about me could be seen online. I didn’t have to introduce myself.

The only thing that bothered me were my personal blogs. It clearly shows that I’m equally involved in social activities which would not be accepted by most of the companies especially the one I’m looking forward to.

But thanks to my website. It gives a Handy gateway to hide my personal blog. I could do it with just a click, ensuring that I had only Most relevant assets on my website. I was a perfect fit to the job requirement now. Well cracking the job interview was a piece of cake for me, after which I added my personal blog back to get my website back in its original state.

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