Dead static site fighting a losing battle...

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  • Deep down, the object of creating a website is all about attracting customers in to increase sales, so if your website is not updated according to the trend, there is no way that traffic drives in.

     Trap behind the cutthroat prices

    For smallest updation , HTML static website would require you to hire a developer and your upfront saving in static site will be wiped out multiple times in this case.

     Highway Robbery

    As your website starts to grow, which most do over time, those initial static pages will be harder and harder to update seamlessly across the board. Get ready to be charged for nothing.

    Vicious Cycle

    Even the smallest future updates and revisions on static site takes lot of time and should meet developer before going live and when he commits mistake which is very obvious, it comes back to your neck for cyclic changes.

Dynamic Mania

Let’s genuinely talk about why my one-time investment in dynamic one turned out to be my best.

Without anybody's intervention I can change the content of my site using the user-friendly dashboard. Due to the ease of pouring in fresh content, my site grows in popularity, traffic and sales.

  • No recurring cost due to very low maintanence effort.
  • Flexibility to customize my site myself.
  • Ease of installing various functional plugins.
  • Change templates in just a click. Thanks to #OneClickDesignChange.
  • #ParallelMobile delivers best User Interface with native functionality.    
  • No need to shell money on developers every time.

Settle upon the best

Tell me one thing

Do I have to pay less for static compared to the dynamic one?
Do I need less time to develop static compared to the other?

No on both counts.
Say no to Static Web builders>>


Static v/s Dynamic? What takes the cake?

To answer or not to answer was the question>>

You know that the entire world is on the internet and it's the first place people search to find out something they want.

Then why do you tend to use static site as your online store over the Default dynamic path???..

How do I know???. I’ve been there and seen the destruction myself using static site before I decide to change and never fall back.


Choose the Best

Let me warn you if you still want to choose static, website is a life time bondage & it’s advantages are so huge that you’ll just see how deep the rabbit hole goes and you’ll never want to step back.


Future Updates & revisions

Up-front savings that you may somehow achieve from a static website will be wiped out multiple times over by the additional time you’ll need for future updates and revisions in this case.

Always remember it’s your right to get access to edit content on pages without having to update website code.
See how Dynamic site results in cost cutting>>


Choose static to get bankrupted

If your static site starts to grow, which most do over time, those initial static pages will be harder and harder to update seamlessly across the board.

Then you’ll have to start all over again with the dynamic one and this is what has happened with many of our previous client who regret to not have done that because of which they’ve lost tons of money.

So what are you waiting for??? To get bankrupted?? Get rid of static.

Move on to choose Dynamic.



Roll back your sleeves & quickly get to work on your New Amazing Dynamic Website within 30 seconds. Happy Websiting! 


Static Websites

1st Generation Hand-coded html pages

Dynamic Web Pages

2nd Generation web page creation is automated using scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, etc..


3rd Generation Websites powered by Content Management System (CMS)


4th Generation Users have to sign in to access content, resources, and assets

Read/Write Web

5th Generation All or most of the signed-in users can Browse, Read, Edit, Add, and Delete (BREAD) Content.

Static site builders

6th Generation Drag And drop approach, yet the pages are static, A big time failure


Present Generation A data driven intelligent platform to create a unique dynamic business websites, portfolios, online stores & many other websites instantly even by some one having zero coding or design skills.

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