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So what do you think this feature is all about?

It is the absolute freedom to switch between designs for your website.

Is it time consuming??

Not at all. It’s just a matter of clicks.

What’s the cost?

We don’t charge even a single penny. It’s free and comes as a part of your package.

My Blogs over the bunch of other content gets lost?

Not at all. You need not worry about your content. It's completely in safe hands.

In reality, that's how we live

Well all I mean to say is that you weren't the person you used to be before. 

Your business isn’t going to be the way it is now, in the future then
Why do you expect your website to be in the same way for ages???

Wake up.!!! You feel it

  1. Necessary to get a makeover every now.
  2. Change your hairstyle on a monthly basis.
  3. Change your Profile picture on Whatsapp & Facebook just to flaunt in front of everyone but,
    Why  not  Change  Your  Website  Design ?

Well by saying this, I can’t expect people to blindly follow me. Criticism hit us.

One of our business prospect told this to me  after I put forth my business proposal:

Look!! I’m not running a cartoon show here to change stuffs every now and then. I prefer to stick on to the one I choose in the beginning.  Then this feature of yours is not an value added service. What’s the point in choosing you???

One of our budding Blogger:

Dude.. why don’t you start marketing over better features. Static site builders allow me to change designs as well as with their excellent drag and drop mechanism which makes me quite comfortable to stick on with them.

One of our marketing consultant:

What’s the big deal in that?? I don’t find it necessary nor have got time to change my website look.

And my nasty brother

Ahh!! Don’t ask that. He’s the biggest critic in my life.

Self Actualisation

Well It’s easier to complain about the outside critics, but the biggest critic in your life usually lives between your own two ears. One thing was clear in my mind - This is not a product that we’ve built, it’s a solution. Just that people are unable to see on how it can solve their problem and it’s my time to unfold its unidentified benefits.

Open Confession by Web Masters

That feminine look

My friend who’s a Business owner wanted to get a new look for his website within the first month.

When asked for the reason, his reply was that the developer who created the website was a girl and the entire website looks a lot feminine so it has less traction towards male customer and hence was missing lot of sales.

Initially he didn’t bother much about it as he taught that it would not make such an impact. But in reality it did and that is when he understood that targeting the right audience isn’t a task to take lightly.


Our Customer’s perception

On the contrary to this experience, one of our ZIVRO customer is excellent in using this exceptional feature #changelookswithclicks to his advantage.

He has an Ecommerce Dynamic Website, lot more productive than dead static one. He finds every occasion a chance to change the design of the website.

I could see his website changed to tri coloured template on independence day, meta green coloured template on army day. Flashy coloured template on the day he releases lot of offers. He celebrated first anniversary of his business by changing his website to a bright orange one and in the process he’s getting a lot of customer acquisition even from mobile & tablet channels because of one more amazing #ParallelMobile feature from Zivro.

All this he got by paying no extra charge and he had absolute satisfaction.

He always says that "Audience's first impression of my business is based almost exclusively on my website alone. So redesigning website is very trivial and one must not compromise on it." Well he’s a champ when it comes to marketing.

Here’s my disastrous blogging experience>>


All because things change!!!

Well all I mean to say is that you weren't the person you used to be before, then why do you expect your web to be in the same way.
You feel it necessary to get a  makeover every now and then, change your haircut on a monthly basis, change your display picture on whatsapp, facebook to flaunt in front of everyone, but why not your replica which is your website online.

Every next level of your life will demand a different new you!!!

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